Those hands are tighter than ordinary replica watches

When the watch is subjected to severe vibration, the hands may fall off, especially the second hand is more likely. If the second hand (including the small second hand or hands with other functions) has fallen off, it may be stuck between the hour and minute hands and the dial. If the replica watches continues to move, the second hand will be moved and scratched against the dial surface, causing Scratches on the dial. Of course, if you need to dial the needle at this time, the situation will be even worse. You must know that the value of the dial is very high, and some accessories are not easy to find.

The distance between the hour hand and the dial is the closest. If there is no safe gap, it will rub against the dial surface, causing arc-shaped scratches on the dial, including the luminous on the hour hand, and the luminous powder will also be rubbed off. In addition, the position of the hour hand is too low, rubbing against the logo mark of the dial, the position of the minute hand is too low or the minute wheel axis is skewed, causing the front end of the minute hand to rub against the hour mark on the dial. This will not only cause scratches, but also cause malfunctions to the watch.

Although blue steel hands are high-end and beautiful, they are very easy to rust after being damp. When the rust "grows" downwards, it will rub against the dial and cause arc-shaped scratches on the dial (see photo). This rust mark is not easy to wipe off when repairing. The rust component should be called "iron trioxide". In ancient times, the ancients used it as paint when painting on caves and rock walls. Can be preserved for 10,000 years.

Especially for old watches, because the luminous materials at that time were about promethium, promethium is a radioactive element, which is not very good for human health; but now the luminous materials of watches are tritium, which is very safe. Watches that have not been used for a long time, such as collectibles, require special attention. If the hour and minute hands are replica watches uk always fixed in one position, the luminous on the hands will damage the dial. If you use promethium as a luminous material, the dial may be discolored, mainly silver-faced ray dials, and other types or colors probably won’t. The discoloration position corresponds to the position of the pointer. Among my collection of watches, there have been only 4-5 of this problem. The lesson is painful.