Elegant design style and delicate workmanship

Due to the successful promotion of Longines watches in China, a survey confirmed that the most popular and recognized Swiss watch brand in China is Longines. Of course, this is inseparable from the reasons that Longines' design style conforms to the Chinese aesthetics and the price is more acceptable to the public. The most popular watches in places like Baidu Post Bar are also Longines. The elegant design and exquisite workmanship are praiseworthy for this brand. In the early days, Longines was positioned as a high-end watch. Later, in order to seize the mid-end watch market, the Swatch Group forced Longines to be a terminal watch. The movement and workmanship were not as good as before, but it was still an excellent replica watches brand.

Mido. Mido watches are mainly loved by domestic emerging white-collar workers. Mido entered the Chinese market in the early twentieth century. It was called the "Mido" watch at the time. It was known for its accurate and fully automatic mechanical timekeeping and excellent waterproof quality. The Mido movement also uses a higher-level movement than the Tissot movement. For example, the mid and low-end Tissot models use the triangular shock absorber ETA2824, while the Mido uses the ETA2824 equipped with Ingabriel shock absorbers. In terms of cost performance, Mido also has an advantage in brands of the same grade. After all, the movement is supplied by its own group factory; the workmanship is also considered delicate, and the design is also very elegant and classic.

Tissot. The most well-known domestic watch brands Tissot, Longines, Omega, and Mido all belong to Swatch. If you plan to buy yourself the first Swiss mechanical watch and the budget is not that spacious, then you can't go wrong with Tissot, whether it is brand awareness or the price-performance ratio of the watch is beyond doubt. In addition, there are many styles and traditional designs, which are in line with the aesthetics of most Chinese. The only drawback is the bad street. People wearing Tissot watches can be seen everywhere. Once the economic conditions improve in the future, they want to abandon the replcia Rolex. Since many brands use ETA movements at the same time, Swatch Group has made reservations in workmanship and movement materials in order for Tissot to be able to distance itself from other brands that belong to the group, such as Mido and Hamilton. Shock absorber used in low-end movement.